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Louise Ford had difficulty mounting her 17 hand event horse. Like many inventors, she was frustrated by this problem and decided to solve it. Louise knew what she wanted and created the Step Up Stirrup.

Always be able to mount your horse where ever you are. Never be stuck miles away from the barn/stable having had to get off your horse and now not able to get back on again !! With the Step Up Stirrup you can mount your horse no matter where on earth your horse takes you !!


The Step Up Stirrup is lightweight and requires four steps to use:

  1. lower the Step Up Stirrup
  2. place foot in stirrup
  3. mount
  4. pull up the Step Up and snap it shut

Louise Pull down

Louise step in IMG_1238Ride off and never worry again about having to get off your horse and remount, anytime, anywhere!






Louise step 4 stepIMG_1248Louise close sitrrup








Louise lower stirrup


The Step Up Stirrup is use, elegant, or sturdier completely manufactured in the US.  There is nothing as easy to than the Step Up.  Nothing.





Louise Ford Photo350x350

For more information visit the Web Site  and be sure to watch the short video and buy your stirrups      Or call Weezie at 505-428-8494

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