Solo-Ride Mounting System

SoloRider-SS-101514Solo-Ride Mounting System

Solo Ride Randell Blog Talk

Randell DeJong inventor of Solo-Ride

Have you ever been out on the trail, dismounted and then couldn’t get back on? Do you like to ride bareback, but have difficulty getting on your horse? If you answered yes to any of these questions Randell DeJong invented the Solo-Ride to help you.


Randell’s Story

Randell was all alone in the woods riding her horse bareback. She dismounted and when she tried to remount, Randell fell flat on her face. From that moment on Randell vowed she would find something to help her mount a bareback horse anywhere and anytime. Crying and upset, Randell and her walked her horse 3 km back to the trailer. When she returned home Randell’s husband encouraged her to invent the solution. She did. Randell invented the Solo -Ride  . The Solo Ride is an excellent tool for all riders of all ages. Those who camp with their horses will welcome Randell’s Solo-Ride with open arms.

Solo-RideBlofg Talk

The Solo-Ride is an easy and efficient tool. The rider can wear it as a fanny pack.  You can share Solo-Ride with trail mates. Never be stuck on the ground and unable to mount your horse again.







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