Say Whoa! to Horse Digestion Distress

Say Whoa! Horse Sense SolutionsSay Whoa! to Horse Digestion Distress

Say Whoa! is a revolutionary product which promotes the digestive flow assisting with normal bowel movements. Horses may become dehydrated and impacted by simple acts of weather changes, feeding, and horseback riding. Say Whoa! promotes the normal flow of digestion and assists in the elimination of retained stool.
Hailed as a miracle in a bottle, Say Whoa! has a following of loyal fans with fervent testimonials. Check out the Say Whoa! website to see a list of amazing testimonials. Developed three years ago by Reba Martinez. All natural product that helps relieve horse colic, fecal impaction, sand, gas, spasmodic or watery stools.

SayWhoa! is on hand at Monty Roberts’ Flag Is Up Farms – Well known as the “Horse Whisperer.”

In our experience here at Monty Robert’s Flag Is Up Farms we had 100% success with using SayWhoa!. We had several wild mustangs that we adopted from the BLM and three of them colic in the span of two weeks. We used your product and saved all three including one that was severe and thought to not survive. I highly recommend this product and would always keep a few bottles around for safeties sake.

Kind regards,

Laurel Roberts (Monty Roberts’ Daughter)

Say Whoa! to Horse Digestion Distress

rolling horse with bottle


SayWhoa! Assists with maintaining normal digestive flow, to promote normal bowel movements.  Use at first signs of digestive flow not appropriately taking place, it may be as simple as your horse refusing feed.

Original Liquid form – SayWhoa! is a Revolutionary Product. Horses may become dehydrated and impacted by simple acts of severe weather changes, an abrupt change of feed or long horseback rides. SayWhoa! promotes the normal flow of digestion. SayWhoa! To Horses in Distress – It’s What You Do First!

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Click the links to listen to Reba’s Martinez’s Interview :

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