More Bling for Our Ponies

More Bling For Our Ponies!

Bridle Brow Bands with blue and pink gems

Brow Bands By Linda Reynolds Hello fellow bling lovers. I have been making Swarovski Crystal brow bands for my grey Trakehner mare. She currently has five in her collection … Aurora Borealis (AB)/fuchsia, red/grey, crystal/black, amethyst/AB, and red/white/blue for when she goes to Phoenix in the winter. It is a fun, fairly easy horse craft and they make great gifts for your horse friends. They take me about an hour and half to make and cost on average $ 45.00.    

Here are the pictures and the steps I follow …

Bridle Brow bands by Linda red gems 1. First, measure your current brow band as this is very important! I made one that was too big and it poked out from her head. 2. Go online to Delfina Saddlery.This is where you will order your empty channel brow bands. Pick the colour, size, shape and channel width. NOTE: I always order 6mm channel width as the crystals I purchase fit perfectly. 3. Go online to In the “search” box type Swarovski Rose Montees. Go to page two of the Rose Montees, order the 6.32-6.50MM stones and choose the colours that will best suit your pony. 4. You will need 42 crystals for a 15” brow band, 45 crystals for a 16” brow band, and 48 crystals for a 17” brow band. If your pony has a really big head they do have 18” brow bands, but you will need to order a few extra crystals. 5. Go back to Delfina for the free STEP BY STEP instructional PDF and just follow along. They will also tell you the other things you will need. 6. NOTE: The only thing I do differently from the Delfina instructions is I use little pieces of scotch tape to hold the crystals in place in the channel after I put them on the beading wire. I have included a picture of this. 7. Have fun, be creative and email me if you have a question. Bling Brow BandsCheers, Linda PS Lately I have been adding charms from Michael’sBrow band Close-up with horse charm     Guest Post – by Linda Reynolds

Linda Reynolds

Linda Reynolds with Habana




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