Best Horse High Visibility Products

Best Horse High Visibility Products

Turnout Blanket

Don't Shoot Me High Visibility Horse Rain Sheet/Blanket by Don't Shoot Me


The bright orange new 1200D turnout blanket made by Don’t Shoot Me will keep you horse visible during the day. This light-weight blanket comes in Don’t Shoot Me’s signature colour of safety orange and features a waterproof and breathable 1200 Denier ripstop nylon outer shell and a breathable 600D lining for maximum comfort. Also features 2 chest straps, shoulder gussets, reinforced stitching, detachable elastic leg straps and high quality hardware including stay-fastened rubber washers to keep the belly straps securely.

Measure your horse from the center of his chest around the widest part of his body to the middle of his tail. This length, in inches or centimetres, is the size of the blanket to order. Do not base your order on the size of his current blanket as blankets are not uniform in size from one manufacturer to the next. Please measure your horse… the free shipping only applies to the initial order and not to exchanges.


 High Visibility Halters and Halter/Bridle Tube Set

Turning horses out in the field with a halter on is a very¬†controversial subject for horse owners. I am of the school that prefers no halter on a horse that is not monitored in the field. The hunting season is an exception where for me there is only one solution – the “break away halter.” These halters have a soft leather crown piece that will rip if the halter becomes entangled. Roma and Lami-Cell makes reflective break-away halters. an alternative is the Reflective, 4 piece Halter/Bridle tube kit that can be attached to a “break away” halter or to a bridle.


The fly season is over but horses can get into those pesky burrs and seriously injure their eyes. Keep your horse visible and at the same time protect his/her eyes.

Cashel makes a quality Fly mask that has a heavy mesh which protects the eyes. The high visibility orange ears and trim alerts hunters that your horse is NOT a deer. Click here to see it in amazon.




Lami-Cell Reflective Breakaway Halter



The Lami-Cell Reflective Breakaway Halter is the ultimate in safety and convenience! Smooth, matte-finished hardware and a padded noseband and crown will give your horse comfort, and the discrete, breakaway leather tab will give you piece of mind because it will break if your horse gets into a dangerous panic situation. And with an integral reflective strip that runs through every piece of the halter check, crown, nose and throat your horse will be much easier to see at night. $30.00









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