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Do you have a horse product that you would like reviewed? Do you have a product that you just love and cannot live without?


Contact us!Be part of the Keep on Riding Baby Boomers! Share your find with us so we can continue to participate in an activity that we love.


Many of us are Baby Boomers and we don’t move like we used to. If you have a fitness regime or an arthritis product – please share. Do you have a testimonial about any of the products I promote? Please share your experiences with any of these products. Fill out the contact form and write about your experiences.


IMailbox Ponyf you would like to share your horse, rider, Baby Boomer product with the horse community just fill out the contact form below.

dawing of a horse peeking through curtains

I am always available for an interview.

Would like to be interviewed to promote a product you have created? Audio interviews are coming to this blog soon. Stay tuned to this channel for more information.

Please fill out the contact form and specify that you would like to be interviewed.






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One Response to Contact Form

  1. Pamela says:

    I like the cartoon of the horse looking into the empty mailbox. I can relate.
    Looks like a very informative, helpful website for horse owners.
    Are the 3 horses yours?

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