Best Horse Books & DVD Deals

Best Horse Books & DVD Deals 

Here are the best horse books and DVD deals for your perusal at a great price. Spring has sprung and we are ready to ride. If you are busy with mundane barn chores down- load an audio book from on your mobile phone to entertain you while you work.

Baby Boomer Rider

The over 40 rider, who may have some joint and back problems, will benefit from the the mind/body techniques of two great authors who combine kinetics and brain exercises.

Jane Savoie

Jane Savoie’s book is a must have for any rider who would like to understand dressage. Savoie uses clear photos and language to help you visualize the dressage moves and positions. Take advantage of the discounts on these wonderful books by top horse authors. The DVDs about two horse whispers – a real horse whisperer, Buck Brannaman and the great Robert Redford movie – the Horse Whisperer – a super price for both.


Back Pain?

Cover Picture of Book Rider & Horse Back to Back


Suzane Von Dietze, a physiotherapist, has written this book to help the rider who experiences back pain when riding. The purpose of her book is to investigate the actual strain the rider’s back is exposed to during riding. Von Dietze provides clear and easy to understand diagrams to help the rider to improve balance and easily learn a “back friendly” style of riding. This book will help you learn to focus your senses and learn to feel for the horse and yourself. Price- $19.62

Rider Fitness

Cover Picture of book Rider Fitness Body and Brain

Author Eckart Meyners helps riders to improve their ability to relax and follow the horse’s movements. Part One of his book prepares the rider’s body through a series of exercises off the horse using minimal equipment that can be found in your home e.g towel, stool chair. The second part of his book is made-up ogf exercise routines on horseback to improve suppleness, flexibility and coordination in the saddle. Price – $19.72 

Jane Savoie’s Dressage 101

Cover photo of Book Jane Savoie's Dressage 101
Everyone loves Jane Savoie’s books for their clarity and positive reineforcement. This book is no exception. As the title indicates, Jane communicates easily complicated terms and explanations into language that everyone who aspires to learn dressage can understand. For more information click here.

Horse DVDs

Cover for Buck Brannam
Buck Brannaman is an amazing horse whisperer, he communicates not only with horses, but with people too. Buck draws on his own abusive childhood to help connect with damaged horses and people. This is a movie for everyone not just horse people. Price: $ 5.00  Click here for more information.

Cover of The Horse Whisperer DVD

A moving story that does not pale with age. Robert Redford directed and acted in this very emotional movie about a gifted horseman who communicates and heals horses. A movie that is a classic and should be in every horseman’s collection. Price $6.00 

Click here for more information.


 Young Horse Lovers

Super Kindle Find for young girls who love horses! Free on amazon. Grade 2-3 reading level  


The Horse Lover’s Guide to Massage by Megan Ayrault

Megan is probably the most educated and up-to -date massage expert in the horse world. Check out her website- All About Animal and listen to Megan as she discusses the benefits of equine massage on my new podcast – Straight From the Horse’s Mouth Radio or on iTunes and Stitcher.

Horse Tales for the Soul – Volume One audio book series 

This is the first volume in a series by Bonnie Marlewski-Probert of seven audio books. Packed with heart-warming tales of horses and their owners. These stories remind us why we love the equine heart. Horses are here for a reason. Listen to the stories of these wonderful horses as you do your barn work or in the car.Click here to purchase


I strive to find the best horse books and DVDs. What are your horse book recommendations? Leave suggestions here.


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