Best Horse Hay Nets on the Market

Best Horse Hay Nets on the Market

Have you ever wondered how you can save money, hay, and reduce hay waste due to horses stepping, or defecating on the hay?

Round Hay Bale in a Tombstone Feeder

NAG without bag

The solution to saving hay, money and reducing hay waste is the round bale hay net. There are two hay nets that survived our testing in Ontario, Canada. The Texas HAYNET and the Natural Alternative Grazer – N.A.G Bags.



N.A.G slow feeder netting closeup


The market is flooded with hay nets of all types and sizes. This article is a guide to the best round bale hay nets on the market to date.

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Round hay bales come in all different sizes. When the “one-size-fits-most” hay rings on the market will not serve your purposes, take a look at AGI’s adjustable hay rings. These 7′ adjustable hay ring can easily be adjusted to a diameter of 5’, 6’, or 7’ by either adding or removing plastic sections (sold by the section).

Compared to metal hay rings, these plastic hay rings are safer for your horses and small animals. Metal hay rings have protruding metal framework that your animals could get caught or hurt on. Metal hay rings also may rust, corrode, and bend leaving sharp, exposed edges that could potentially cut you or your farm animals and lead to costly medical or veterinarian bills. Avoid these costly situations by buying AGI’s plastic hay rings. They will not rust or corrode. They feature smooth, round edges with no protruding metal framework. They are made out of 100% post-consumer high-density polyethylene plastic.

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  • Safe for your animals
  • Keeps hay confined for minimal loss
  • Easy to relocate to better serve your needs
  • Easy to assemble; sections ready to bolt together
  • Hardware included
  • Rust and chemical resistant
  • Smooth, rounded edges

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Our Story

Horses at feederOn our farm, we’ve been using the Texas HAYNET for almost four years. We also have two N.A.G. Natural Alternative Grazer hay nets that we alternate with the Texas HAYNETs. The Natural Alternative Grazer is a Canadian company located in B.C.  Many Blaise is the owner. By using round bale horse hay nets, we saved money, extended our hay supply, and kept our horses healthy, content, and at their perfect weights. 

Background of Horse Hay Nets


Leslie Davis of Little Thunder Stables Inc. invented the first Texas HAYNET in 1997.  Little Thunder Stables is an equine rehabilitation center. There they treat equine hoof problems such as laminitis. Davis first created the Texas HAYNET for nutritional reasons. Researchers discovered that slowing the rate of hay consumption gave the horse’s liver time to function properly and filter excess sugar. 



Fish Net Design – Texas HAYNET

Texas HayNet StrandsLeslie Davis created the round bale hay net to feed multiple horses and reduce the labor involved. She experimented with different netting materials and the nautical weave designed to be durable and yet soft enough for the horse’s sensitive muzzle.

After two years, the Texas HAYNET company was formed. Davis put the Texas HAYNET on the market in 2009, and there is a patent pending on her design.






Click on this link Texas HAYNET to see the video.


Slow feeding gives the digestive system time to extract all the nutrients from hay. 

• Mimics natural grazing.
• Calms the aggressive feeder.
• Saves time.
• Saves money.
• Reduces waste and spoilage

Natural Alternative Grazers- Canadian Company in British Columbia – owner Many Blaise


NAG Bag Hay Net

NAG slow feeder hay net in Tombstone feeder

Today we use a total of four hay nets – two N.A.G Bags and two Texas HAYNETS. Our first net was the black Texas HAYNET and then we purchased the N.A.G slow feeder net. The Natural Alternative Grazer is a Canadian made hay net. Mandy Blaise is the owner. We tried a variety of other nets, but none stood the test of time and the harsh Canadian winters like the N.A.G Bag and the Texas HAYNET.

 We tested other nets on the market and the two that stand up are the Texas HAYNET and the N.A.G Slow Feeder. Both of the hay nets featured in this article are treated for UV protection.  

Some Methods of using the hay nets


Best Horse Hay Nets in North America

BrandMaterialSizesHay Net DurabilityYears of Use
Texas HayNet
Texas HAYNET New colour green Strands
- 3 mm marine grade polypropylene
- colour - new green with UV protection
*Please note the original Texas HAYNET was black
- fits 5' - 6' round bales
Can be used on smaller bales too
Texas HAYNEt

Texas HAYNET original black net after 4 years of use.

N.A.G Slow Feeders
Click here to visit Natural Alternative Grazers.
N.A.G slow feeder netting closeup
- net 1/4 inch
- blend of nylon/poly material
- no stitched or sewn
- colour - green with UV
- Small fits 4' x 4' bales - 1 - 1.5 inch holes
- Medium- fits 5' x 5' - 5' x 6' bales-
1, 1.5, 2 inch holes
- Round Bale - 6' x 6' bales - 1, 1.5, 2 inch
- Large -7' x 7' round bales, 5' x 9.5' square
bales 1- 2 " holes

N.A.G hay net after 2 years of use rotating with Texas HAYNET


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