The Best Horse Grooming Brushes by Stubben

The Best Horse Grooming Brushes by Stubben

Stubben Horse Flex Back Grooming Brushes

Stubben Flex Brush pig bristle
Click image to buyStubben brush white horse hair bristle

The best horse grooming brushes in the world are made by Stubben. Over the past thirty years I have yet to come across brushes of this superior quality. The Stubben FlexBack black brush is made of pig bristles and has a leather back. The Stubben Flex Back Leather white bristle body brush has horse hair bristles. The flex leather backing molds to your hand making it easier to groom your horse. To purchase the Stubben horse grooming brushes just click on the images above. 


Thirty year old Stubben Brushes – Still Going Strong

I’ve owned my Stubben Brushes for more than 30 years. These Stubben horse grooming brushes are superior to any I’ve used over the years. You can tell they are crafted with care. I absolutely love the way they lift the dirt out of the coat with a flick of the wrist. The brushes have short dense bristles. Use the Stubben black mud brush to take off the heavy dirt first. Then finish with the Stubben white body brush. It pulls up the oils from the horse’s skin creating a wonderful natural sheen.


Stubben Pig Bristle and Horse Hair Brushes

To clean the bristles, I tap them on a hard surface and vacuum them occasionally. I use a soft cloth and a small amount of leather conditioner on the flex backs.

Stubben makes a whole line of quality horse grooming brushes. No other brushes feel as good as these brushes in your hand. These are the two body brushes I use and love. For more information aabout the Stubben brushes click here. You can purchase the Stubben black Flexback from Equestrian Collections by clicking this link. For the white Stubben Body brush click here.


The Tangle Wrangler – The Ouch-less Mane and Tail Brush

Tanle Wrangler Mane & Tail Brush
My second favorite tool is a black plastic mane and tail brush that I purchased about 20 years ago. I love this brush because it doesn’t pull on tangles. I use it on a regular basis, so I thought it would be a good idea to have a back-up. I asked my local tack shop to look for it at the trade shows. They found this orange brush and it now has a name -the Tangle Wrangler.

Unfortunately, the plastic on the new Tangle Wrangler is inferior to the original black mane and tail brush. The tines break off. This brush was fairly cheap, so I bought five of them. Despite the inferior quality of plastic, the Tangle Wrangler still does the job- no pulling on tangles. This brush might be a good choice for human hair too. This brush is sold by amazon – click here.

Do you want a great book on grooming? Check out Grooming to Win by Susan Harris


5 Responses to The Best Horse Grooming Brushes by Stubben

  1. Alison Patterson says:

    Those Stubben brushes look awesome. I have one brush(different brand) I’ve had for 20+ years and the new ones didn’t last a year. I know Stubben makes quality stuf so if I can ever afford these I’m buying them! They look nice and big so the won’t hurt my hands.

    • Hi Alison, I only review products that I use and love. As I mentioned in my post I’ve had my Stubben brushes for years and they are quality at its’ best. I would rather save up and buy once than replace a cheap brush again and again. I learned at an early age to buy quality and buy once.

    • Hi Alison, I am amazed at the quality of these brushes. Over the last 30 years I have tried different brushes, but theses stand the test of time and use. I believe in saving up and buying once.I highly recommend them.

      • Alison Patterson says:

        Still looking forward to buy ping the Stubben brushes someday soon. I bought the tangle wrangler brush after seeing your reviews. It didn’t work that great for my percherons long tangly mane but I still do use it occasionally. I prefer a fat paddle brush they work great for me. 🙂 I have also found a product ” miracle hoof oil” there’s lots out there but this one is truly a good one! I ordered 14 more! To share with my friends.

        • Hi Allison, I am sorry that the Tangle Wrangler didn’t work for you. Unfortunately, the new ones are made from a cheaper plastic. I still have my original from 30 years ago. Now I buy a four at a time because I lose tines. But I really like them for my Quarter horse. My Quarter horse is very sensitive about his mane& tail.The Tangle Wranglers are great for getting burrs out painlessly. Alison, I would love to hear about your experience with the Miracle hoof Oil.

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