Back On Track- The Best in Rider Comfort

Back On Track- The Best in Rider Comfort

BackOn Track Gloves

Arthritis in your hands? Maybe this is your answer!

The gloves are one of Back On Track’s most unique products. They have helped many people with pain in their hands (such as rheumatoid arthritis), as well as sufferers of extremely poor circulation in their fingers.

As the product depends on warmth to function, people suffering from circulatory problems, or “cold hands” syndrome, can improve its efficacy by either wearing another pair of normal gloves over the top of our product, or pre-warming their hands (by a heater or in warm water) before fitting our gloves.

Back On Track recommends that you wear other gloves over the top of ours if you wish to use them outdoors.


I love all my Back On Track Products. My knee brace is my favorite. It uses the heat from my body and radiates back soothing warmth. Now that I am older, I have arthritis in both my knees. I have two knee braces. I wear my knee braces almost everyday especially in the Fall and Winter seasons. The brace does not interfere with riding and it fits smoothly under my riding tights. Sometimes I wake up in the night with pain in my knee. I put on the brace and the relief is wonderful!

Back On Track Therapeutic Knee Brace 

Back On track Knee Brace straps


As this product can help to disperse edema and reduce inflammation, the adjustable strap can be quite beneficial in gradually readjusting the brace as your knee returns to normal. See more details. 

Testimonials for the Back On Track Knee Brace

  • “I had arthroscopic surgery on my knee a few weeks ago and have been experiencing continued pain. Though the cartilage was repaired, arthritis was found, and is most likely the source of the pain now. Luckily, I was loaned a Back on Track knee brace by a friend and after only a few hours of use, it gave me amazing relief. I have since purchased a knee brace for myself and I have several friends who are interested in back braces and other products.”- Leslie Reynolds

Back On Track Therapeutic Riding Gloves

Back On Track Riding Gloves

Back On Track Riding Gloves have proven particularly effective for people with pain in their hands, either due to rheumatoid arthritis or poor circulation, and people with Raynaud’s syndrome or constantly cold hands

Back On Track Therapeutic Gloves


Back on Track Regular Therapeutic GlovesIf you just want regular gloves to wear when your hands are aching, Back on Track Therapeutic Gloves will provide the comfort you crave. These gloves are liners so you if you want warmth wear them under your regular gloves. If you suffer from arthritis pain in your hands or poor circulation in your fingers, these gloves are great to wear at night while you are sleeping. Designed to work with your natural body warmth and provide a gentle heat therapy, Back On Track’s gloves accomplish this with the state-of-the-art, ceramic-infused Welltex fabric that contains ceramic powder melted into the fabric’s thread. The ceramic powder reflects your own body warmth and creates a soothing far infrared thermal warmth. Warmth therapy is a well-recognized method used for improving blood flow and relieving pain. For arthritis pain, wear the gloves as is. For circulatory problems or “cold hands” syndrome, pre-warm your hands first prior to wearing the gloves. You may also wear another pair of gloves over our gloves. Back On Track recommends wearing another pair of gloves over the Back On Track Therapeutic gloves if you plan to wear them outside.

 Material is stretchy See details.


Testimonials for the Back On Track Therapeutic Gloves

I have had 40 surgeries in the last 13 years above and beyond tons of injuries over the years, so not only do I have tendon problems, I now have degenerative arthritis. I’ve rodeoed my entire life and been rather hard on my body. I’ve used so many other products trying to find something that will ease the pain in my joints and muscles, nothing has ever worked as good at Back on Track. My hands can be so swelled up I can’t even see my knuckles, and they are red and so bad I can’t even make a loose fist. I can put the gloves on and within about 30-45 minutes, sometimes not even that long, I can already make a tight fist and see my knuckles again. It is absolutely amazing how well all of the products work. Fran

BRILLIANT gloves. I have Reynaud’s as well as some arthritis in my hands. My fingers are usually so cold, well water feels warm. The very 1st time I wore them … sounds weird, but I could actually feel things that were cold!! They have kept my fingers warm even for an extended time after taking the gloves off (just got them). I tried these before I got any horse products … will be getting socks, horse and dog products now! Debbie

I am ordering a second pair because I keep these by my bedside and I find I’d like a pair downstairs as well. I was taking Aleve to relieve knuckle pain and I found that I don’t need the Aleve when using these gloves. I’ve been using these for 6 months and, although skeptical at first, now I’m a believer!  Kathleen




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