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  • Do you want the best horse and rider products?
  • Do you want to meet some of the inventors of cutting-edge horse and rider products?
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You’ve come to the right place.

If you have the “horse habit” you know where your money has gone. 

You want the best horse products you can buy for you and your horse.

You want safe, quality products that will last. I strive to provide the latest news of the best horse and rider products. 

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Hello, I’m Paula. I serve horse lovers who desperately want the best quality horse and rider products that will stand the test of time. My team of riders and horses from around the world test products. The results are pooled and I report the findings right here on this website. I only showcase positive results.

As a podcaster on Straight From the Horse’s Mouth Radio Show, I have an opportunity to meet entrepreneurs and riders from a variety of disciplines and countries. My guests share some of their favorite top quality products. I feature some of the newest and cutting edge horse/rider products in the horse world. 


Just a Few of My Guests on SFHM Radio Show:


Louise Ford

Randell DeJong
Solo Ride

Linda Hauck

Geri Capobianco
TemperAll Blanket


Unique Horse Products

Here you will find news and reviews on the best and unique products for horses and riders. Products and solutions that will make your riding experience more comfortable and enjoyable. Let me show you the results of my research.


I research products that make horse keeping easier for your busy lifestyle. I am always searching for products that make interactions with horses safe and manageable for riders, especially the senior and disabled rider. Here you will discover news and testimonials on the latest products for horses and riders. Products that will help make your riding experience more comfortable, safe, and enjoyable.

What’s in it for You?

I’ve seen new products or “solutions” come and go. Before I buy anything, I spend the time researching the product, reading reviews and comparing prices. Through my Radio Show SFHM, I meet riders young and old who have used some of these products for years. I meet holistic health care professionals, professional riders, coaches, and trainers. They all have a favorite product. I am very excited to meet product inventors who find a solution to problems that horse owners encounter. You will find only the “best” products on this site.



I test the products on my horses. I am proud to own two Haflinger horses and one Quarter horse. Haflingers are very curious horses and like to explore with their mobile lips. If a product passes the “Haflinger test”, it will last forever. I interview friends, acquaintances and professionals. I present the report here. To owners who want the best for their horses this website is dedicated to you.

My Horse Testing Team

Star Haflinger horse for Best Horse Products Review




Star is a five year old Haflinger with a kind heart and willing attitude.  He’s a big boy for a Haflinger- 15 hands. He’s a hunk-a-hunk-a-burnin- love.  Star is out-going, vivacious and he has a great sense of humor.



Nova Quarter horse photo tester at Best Horse Products Review




Nova is a 17 year old Quarter Horse.
He is the old style Quarter Horse – a big boy – solid with big feet. A power house of energy if he wants to be, but a everyday sweet heart. He a sensitive gentleman and the alpha horse of our herd. Nova sometimes does not appreciate the humor in the Haflinger antics.



Moishe Halflinger horse full body photo tester at Best Horse Products Rerview



Moishe (Muh-oi-she) is a gentle doe eyed 3 year old Haflinger. He loves to explore absolutely everything with his very mobile lips. Moishe unties knots, picks up hats, and runs around the field with his latest toys. He usually engages Star in his delightful play. Moishe has a gentle, kind and trusting nature. He is a very beautiful soul.

I am very grateful to have these three wonderful horses in my life.



10 Responses to About

  1. Irene French says:

    Hi Paula, Pax aromatic has been used to calm horses for centuries; but no one knew exactly what made it work. But when the combustion engine finally replaced the horse (1948), much valuable knowledge was forgotten as the older grooms died off and were replaced with inexperienced new people who changed the horse from being a draught animal to a sports /pet animal. Equine teaching colleges started up about 1960-70 but they no longer mentioned that horses are governed by their sense of smell. (Which governs safety, danger, food sources & sociability in horses). Equine scientists have now discovered that the sense of smell in horses triggers hormones to cope with whichever behaviour is required to cope with the situation which it can smell. Having used PAX for nearly 40 years (My background was in breaking, riding and breeding race horses at Newmarket) – I feel that PAX triggers the hormones which promote sociability in horses. PAX is applied to the person – not the horse & its effects are immediate. PAX was been cleared by the V.M.D. for racing & has been used with winning horses all over Britain including recently at Royal Ascot. Indeed the previous manufacturers were “Day Son & Hewitt” suppliers of veterinary goods to the Royal family. If you would like to experiment with PAX I would be delighted to send you a bottle.

  2. Patti Ann Reynolds says:

    Hi Paula,
    Thank you for your informative and interesting Podcasts.
    I look forward to your next interview.
    Good work!
    Patti Ann

  3. Paula, I am still writing… up to 7 books! And we are still rescuing thoroughbred horses (3 at home now), plus 3 rescued dogs and, of course, the owner of our farm, our cat Leonardo, also a rescue. My only book referring to horses would be ‘Messages from Nature’ a collection of short stories about animals and the high seas plus poems, all of which were published in magazines over the years.
    Looking forward to hearing from you and sending best wishes to you and yours,

  4. Alison Patterson says:

    In my plenty of years of owning,showing,riding,playing,caring and of course loving horses here are a few of my favorite things!
    Homemade fly spray that seems to work better than anything store bought.
    Coconut oil on mane & tails.
    The ultimate hoof pick I bought from Smartpak. Amazing after I broke 6 on my Percheron draft horses hooves.
    Fructis hair serum. Works better than Cowboy Magic and way easier to get off your hands and 1/4 the price. Well these are just a few things I use. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for sharing your favorite things. I agree with you totally about the homemade fly spray, coconut oil and Cowboy magic. I have yet to try the Fructis hair serum. I have the Ultimate hoof pick and love it too. I hope to interview the owner of the Ultimate Hoof Pick company in the Spring on my podcast Straight From the Horse’s Mouth Radio Show.com.

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